Throwback to the Steering Committee in Dublin

Björn Siebert welcomed the participants to the SC meeting. He introduced the agenda and mentioned Phase II which would be explained in detail in upcoming slides. He also introduced new attendees and the presenters from Ireland. He shared the exciting news that we were celebrating the first-year anniversary of the MERIDIAN project. 

Achim Reußwig took a moment to express gratitude to everyone for their dedication in MERIDIAN. He underlined that he was involved with the project from the beginning. He mentioned that MERIDIAN had 23 points out of 25 points for project evaluation, signifying how successful the project was going to be. He went on to highlight that MERIDIAN secured the highest reward among all projects co-funded by CEF so far. In this context, he extended his sincere thanks to Stephanie Kleine.

David Laoide-Kemp introduced himself as the head of C-ITS in Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Transport Infrastructure Ireland operates, maintains and improves the national primary and secondary road network in Ireland. They have been involved in European projects, C-Roads platform. He welcomed the participants to Dublin and briefly went over the plans for today and tomorrow.