Project Administration Team

The MER Project Administration Team monitors the achievement of the defined action objectives and the expectations of the Beneficiaries, Affiliated Entities, and the EC. The PAT initiates an appropriate adaptation of the project administration plan if needed and is formed by the International Coordinator, the National Coordinators and their respective supporting staff. The tasks and accountabilities of the PAT include:

  • Operational project controlling (financial, technical, milestones, timeline)
  • Monitoring and identifying critical plan deviations; propose mitigation actions and initiate modification reports where needed
  • Monitoring horizontal activities and open Action Points
  • Highlighting open issues and problems for project implementation; proposes appropriate steering measures
  • Managing content for project website
  • Ensuring permanent liaison with and information of the operation level of all beneficiaries
  • Discussing and agreeing the needed technical harmonisation to be proposed to the Steering Committee
  • Providing national input to the targeted harmonisation processes
  • Communicating with their Beneficiary and disseminates results of WG or workshops
  • Coordinating and organising the national implementation of needed harmonisation elements