T2.06 NL Data Driven Government

Overview/ summary

Within the project ‘Digitalisering Overheden’ (=Data Driven Government) a dashboard framework was developed to show quality indicators for several datastreams for which NDW (National Data Warehouse) has the responsibility to deliver the information.

Also a number of quality indicators has been developed and are now updated every month. This is done for dynamic maximum speeds (MSI), bridge openings, parking information, intelligent traffic lights (iVRI), logistics (environmental zones, safety zones, ..) and bicycle counts. All this information is made accessible to all the road authority institutions in the Netherlands.

The information is used by the road authorities to increase the data quality of the distributed data, so that it can be safely used in car to assist the driver. The data is also used to assess whether the data quality is good enough to be used for policy making and monitoring.


There was a strong demand from the service providers to have reliable and high quality data on the data elements mentioned above. This request resulted in a country-wide approach where data quality is realised through regional data teams and dashboards using critical performance indicators which report the state of data top 15 items.

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The core message

To realize a dashboard on top of a chain of links in order to guarantee data quality for prioritized data in NL (planned roadworks, incidents, maximum speeds, road signs, VMS signs, bridge openings, static and dynamic parking data, event data, intelligent traffic light data, logistic data, cycling data.) The data items are important and complex to generate.

Expected results:
The dashboard is the managing level for the Regional Data Teams and consists of critical performance indicators and drill down options, explaining possibles causes for unsufficient performance.

Implementation schedule: