T2.08 NL Data Turbo Pipeline

Overview/ summary

The Data Turbo Pipeline (DTP)  is a program that improves the incident management proces by using data driven technologies and artificial intelligence. Pre-evaluation reported that by  using these technologies, we can reduce the number standard messages mainly phone calls) between Traffic managers and road inspector by 400.000 (out of approximately 1.000.000 calls). DTP is an ongoing process in which new tools are developed to make the process of incident management faster and more efficient. In the first batch of developments we have got the following items:

– Digital assigning of road inspectors; with a click on the button a traffic manager can assign a road inspector to an incident, instead of calling by phone.

– Digital connexion with towing companies; with a click on the button a traffic manager can assign a towing company, instead of calling the call centres (in many cases minutes wait).

– Algorithm for optimal spreading of road inspectors over the core network; The algorithm decides an optimal position of the road inspector which results in a higher percentage of incidents that can be reached within 15 minutes.

– Digital message of  arriving road inspector at an incident; in the past road inspectors called the traffic centre after arrival at an incident. This time can better be spend on first traffic guidance and help. With this development the traffic centre gets an automatic message of arrival when a road inspector has arrived at an incident location.

– Connexion with service providers for increase in speed of starting Incident management.


By using Artificial intelligence Rijkswaterstaat can reduce the travel time of road inspectors, which increases safety and reduces congestion.

Artificial intelligence can tell the road inspectors what the best place on our core network is, or which direction they have to drive in order to get an optimal distribution over the core network.

An algorithm determines this using:

  • Historical incident data: where are the most accidents
  • When do this accidents accure
  • What is the location of the road inspectors.
  • Where are the incidents right now.

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The core message

reduce travel time of road inspectors, which means increase of safety and reduce of congestion.

Expected results:
Due to the implementation of these technologies and use of AI, travel time of road inspectors will approximately decrease by 15% (4 minutes on average),  which means that incidents are secured by road inspectors for a longer period. Also the digital connection with towing companies reduces time needed for clearing the road makes the work of traffic centres more efficient.

Implementation schedule: