T3.01 BE Mobilidata

Overview/ summary

Providing free-flowing, safe ways of getting around is an important priority for the Flemish government. To enable us to reach that goal, we have put an ambitious program in place in Flanders. Called Mobilidata, the program has set itself some ambitious goals:

  • guaranteeing accessibility and mobility,
  • improving liveability in Flanders; while at the same time
  • increasing road safety and reducing damage to the environment and nature.

To achieve these aims, Mobilidata is busy putting in place a network of smart, sustainable and reliable data sources. But how do we get this smart data to you, as a road-user? That’s something you take care of yourself! It works like this: your smartphone sends out a cellular signal, which enables ‘communication’ to be established with our connected systems. Mobilidata’s smart infrastructure then tracks that signal and combines it with other real-time data. This in turn makes it possible, for example, for traffic lights to take your mobility needs into consideration better. Over time, a smart data infrastructure of this kind will provide the basis for the road infrastructure that will enable driverless vehicles in Flanders.

The Mobilidata program is co-creating a whole raft of innovative mobility solutions with private partners, based on a digital infrastructure, smart traffic lights and high-quality, sustainable data sources. By working with Mobilidata solutions, policymakers, businesses, government departments, local residents and app-builders can all combine to make being on the road smoother, more sustainable, more comfortable and safer for every road-user.


The mission of Mobilidata is to create innovative traffic solutions to make traffic safer, more efficient and sustainable for all road users. This, by implementing a sustainable digital data-infrastructure and intelligent traffic light controllers and by stimulating the use of innovative traffic applications in line with Flemish mobility policy.

Name of the organisation carrying out the project: Flemish government – Agency for Roads and Traffic

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The core message

The objective is to increase road safety by servicing road users with reliable traffic info; to make cities more liveable by improving the air quality and stimulating a modal shift.

Results expected
The expected results of the Mobilidata program is to use innovative traffic solutions to make traffic safer, more efficient, and sustainable for all road users.

Project description
In the Mobilidata task in the Meridian project aims to roll-out at the one hand side hundreds of intelligent Traffic Light Controllers (iTLCs), and on the other hand the deployment of the core platform.
The cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) is based on cellular communications and will implement 30 use cases (UCs) covering day 1 and day 1.5 services.

Implementation schedule:
The Mobilidata task in Meridian started early 2021 and will last until the end of 2024.  From spring 2023 onwards several use cases will be gradually implemented.