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T3.02 DE Phase II: C-ITS Road works warning (RWW) roll-out

Overview/ summary

C-ITS systems stand for safe and intelligent mobility, which is achieved by networking vehicles and infrastructure.

Traffic obstacles such as roadworks sites can be noticed more quickly, and dangers can be reduced. This is achieved through so-called Car2X communication, i.e., the direct exchange of anonymized information between vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic control centers.

The first cooperative service went live in mid-2021. A “roadworks warning” system communicates with a mass production vehicle (currently the new Golf 8, ID-3 and ID-4 from VW) on the motorways in the Rhine-Main area. As soon as this type of vehicle approaches short-term roadworks, the driver is informed about it before it comes into view and can adapt his driving behavior accordingly.

The official Roll-out of road works warning (RWW) system has taken place in October 2022 (see Video)


General background: why is this project happening?
Reduction of risk of accidents with associated significant personal injury and provision of national wide, georeferenced real time road works information at the NAP.

The C-ITS roll-out is a flagship project of Autobahn GmbH and is therefore the focus of the CEO.

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Objectives, Results expected, Project description, Implementation schedule
From 2022-2024 a massive roll-out of this technique on all strategic corridors Germany-wide will be performed by all 10 branch offices of Autobahn GmbH. While the retrofitting of the existing technical equipment, which will take place in 2022, will be co-funded as part of the EU funding project UMneo (Phase I), MERIDIAN only includes Phase II:  procurement of up to 3000 roadside units. MERIDIAN tasks also include the implementation of the technical equipment for the “C-ITS Central Station in Traffic Centre Germany”, which will be integrated into Autobahn’s “platform strategy” of Traffic Centers