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T4.05 DE “Digital Green Brenner Corridor”: Data extension and exchange

Overview/ summary


The aim of the task is to improve traveler information in Bavaria and all neighboring regions by exchanging data from traffic information centers. The data exchanged in this project can also be used for traffic management. The knowledge of the traffic situation can improve the decisions of travellers and traffic managers.

Further reading

The content is available at For further information, please contact Ulrich Haspel State Directorate for Building Bavaria +49 173 8635035

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The core message

The data extension and exchange will enhance traffic information and traffic management on the alpine corridor. The task follows this implementation schedule:

  • System preparation for the integration of data outside Bavaria (interfaces, map extension) – done 2021
  • Concept for the integration of external data – done 2021
  • Signing or extension of data exchange agreements with Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Northern Italy, the Czech Republic and Switzerland – 2021-2024
  • Data exchange with all partners and integration of the daa in Bayerninfo – 2022-2025