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T4.09 IT Advanced traffic counting and classification system

Overview/ summary

The scope of the project is to deploy a sensors system able to classify and count the traffic with a near real time operation capability and an advanced classification performance.


The Project was born to improve our capability to count and classify the traffic along the A4 motorway section between Brescia and Padova, and along the A31 motorway. We have three principal reasons: a legal reason, trying to reach the traffic classification level required from the “Smart Road Law”, a practical reason related the chance to improve our real time knowledge of the A31 traffic situation and a third reason, related to the need of updating the technology we previously used for traffic counting, achieving a more reliable performance.

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From the beginning of the project to now, we have installed 28 radar sensors and 4 dedicated cameras. The sensors are connected to the center via our private network. The data generated from them are transmitted to a custom software, specifically developed for the application. Th software is evolved in order to permit the connection and the management of different sensors which uses different technologies. At now we are importing data from radar sensors and data coming from a weigh in motion system. We are working on Artificial Intelligence integration for video analysis to improve the classification accuracy, using dedicated cameras located in some special counting sections of the road.