T4.11 IT New TCC software platform with modelling and forecasting functionalities for traffic and infomobility

Overview/ summary

Implementation of an advanced software platform, aimed at introducing and improving the modelling and forecasting functionalities for traffic and infomobility, trough collection of floating car data and data processing systems (according to the Smart Roads regulation) and updating of the Datex II node to a coordinated information management between various TCCs.


The platform will be able to manage about 20.000 floating cars data per day, the software will be installed on 3 workstation used by the operator the existing TCC.  The management and information activities are expected to be significantly improved, with particular impact on safety and traffic congestion in the TEN-T network (A4-A57 motorways and Meridian Corridor), thanks also to a more timely and effective data exchange with the other motorways, the Venice urban area and the close ports.

Further reading

Conctat: Concessioni Autostradali Venete – CAV S.p.A. – direzione.generale@cavspa.it; +39 041 5497111 – Contact name: Nicola Busatto nbusatto@cavspa.it

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The core message

A better traffic management, in timing and efficiency, is expected, with immediate impacts on safety, congestion and consequently also on environment. In a pre-feasibility study this target has been evaluated as achievable with the planned implementation, while the final results should contribute positively to the entire Meridian action evaluation. At the end of the project we are engaged to provide the Meridian Project Management all the data requested for such evaluation.