T4.15 IT Detection of critical traffic situations and notice to users “VIAGGIARE IN TRENTINO”

Overview/ summary

VIAGGIARE IN TRENTINO is a service for collecting and sharing information on disturbances to road traffic that may result in congestion or slowdowns of traffic on the road network of the province of Trento. Information is shared with road users through

  • radio announcements
  • TV bulletins
  • a dedicated website


With the tender for the three-year period 2023-2026, the Autonomous Province of Trento wants to enhance the current format of “Viaggiare in Trentino” with the following implementations:

  • multilingual website and audio releases
  • provision of real-time traffic information of neighboring and/or interfering areas
  • dissemination of real-time traffic information on major info-mobility operators (Google, Tom Tom, Garmin, etc.)
  • display of parking spaces, train/bus schedules and online purchase of tickets
  • increased daily frequency of radio announcements
  • extension of the service in the early morning and late evening hours

Further reading

If readers want to know more, where can they go to? Whom can they contact? https://www.viaggiareintrentino.it SERVIZIO GESTIONE STRADE – P.A.T. gestione.strade@provincia.tn.it Ufficio Manutenzione Strutture e Impianti antonio.castagna@provincia.tn.it

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The core message

What are the objectives and results expected with the new format of “Viaggiare in Trentino“?

  • potential reduction of traffic congestions and slowdowns on the provincial road network thanks to a more widespread and accessible information service
  • as a consequence, potential reduction of car accidents
  • increased use of public transportation
  • reduction of travel time on the Brenner corridor thanks to the improvement of the info-mobility service and an easier identification of alternative routes