T5.01 MobiData BW® – Mobility Data and Services for Baden-Wuerttemberg

Overview/ summary

MobiData BW is the central and state-wide open mobility data platform of Baden-Wuerttemberg, which is developed and operated by the state-owned NVBW – Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH. MobiData BW provides free and non-discriminatory access to mobility data across all transport modes for the public, such as real-time data on public transit, road and parking information, availabilities of sharing vehicles, or static data on mobility infrastructure and traffic counts.

The platform serves two underlying principles: data standardization and open data licensing. Therefore, MobiData BW is more than an open data portal listing different mobility data. By aggregating and harmonizing data from different data generators, MobiData BW transforms proprietary APIs and different data formats into approved standards, which reduces the obstacles to use mobility data for innovative digital mobility solutions.


MobiData BW collects, bundles, and harmonizes data on the state-level of Baden-Wuerttemberg and is connected to the German national access point for mobility data (NAP), called mobilithek. The infrastructure of MobiData BW therefore plays a significant role within the federal data sharing system in Germany, especially by supporting local authorities and transport companies fulfilling data sharing obligations and by enabling regional partners to start leveraging existing data assets through sharing it with the public.

Further reading

Further readings can be found on www.mobidata-bw.de and supplied by the MobiData BW Team (E-Mail: mobidata-bw@nvbw.de)

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The core message

MobiData BW is designed as an open data platform serving an open innovation process with data generators and reusers from public authorities, start-ups, industry partners, mobility providers, public transport operators, universities, and citizens.

It is the aim of MobiData BW to stimulate a digital innovation ecosystem and to provide a basis for the development of mobility services that promote more sustainable and convenient mobility options for everyone. In 2024, the existing open data platform MobiData BW receives several technical updates, such as a new website and a new data integration platform which leads to a higher flexibility and a quicker integration of new data generators.