T5.02 DE Management Software for a new Mobility Management Center

Overview/ summary

The federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany is currently planning a Mobility Management Center (MMC) to enforce sustainable intermodal mobility by the implementation of integrated traffic management strategies on the basis of real time traffic information. Furthermore, 45 tunnels on federal and state roads will be centrally monitored.


Traffic infrastructure is opposed to a growing number of users. Beyond that, the transport sector faces the big challenge of decarbonisation. To increase the performance of the existing infrastructure and to enforce sustainable mobility, an intermodal and intelligent traffic control will be established. For this purpose, problems in traffic flow are identified and appropriate strategies are developed (e.g. signalization, recommendation to switch transport mode). The novel approach connects different stakeholders and does not focus on only one stakeholder, e.g. road authority.

Further reading

Further information can be supplied by the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg. Dr. Anne Benner (anne.benner@vm.bwl.de)

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The core message

Modern and climate friendly mobility needs intelligent traffic flow management, which addresses all stakeholders and all modes of transport. The MMC aims to achieve these goals by establishing a platform for different stakeholders to plan and execute defined intermodal strategies. The MMC is scheduled to start in 2026.