T5.05 IT (AMLO) – Appointment system at the Port of La Spezia

Overview/ summary

Within the Meridian project, the aim of the project in the port of La Spezia is to implement an appointment system for trucks.

The appointment system will be focused on a reliable system which allows the digital exchange of information between the actors involved in the process.


To load/unload a container from a terminal in the port is a process currently managed by many actors (Port Authority, Terminal Operators, Customs, Health Authority etc.) and the harmonization of the different systems should be enhanced.

The system will be an integrated solution for collecting information about the availability of containers, digitally secured and fully integrated with the actual IT platforms owned by the Port Authority and tools at drivers’ disposal. The new solution is intended to speed up the process of releasing containers and make it safer and more efficient.

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The core message

This appointment system will reduce queues at the port entrance, contributing to the reduction of emissions in line with Green Ports Masterplan objective. This solution will be a neutral, central data platform that brings together all stakeholders involved in the container import/export process.

Integrated with the IT platform of the port community PCS in La Spezia, it will also be possible to monitor who took part in the container handling, improving the Level of Service (LoS) at the port entrance and in the whole process.